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  By: Kristin Hitchcock This article is from Survivalstoic.com The original article is at,  https://survivalstoic.com/best-survival-food/.   Last update: February 4, 2023  This bug out bag list contains all the necessary items most people need for short-term survival. Creating a bug out bag is essential to maximizing your chances of surviving any disaster. After all, if you don’t have all the items you need to survive, you will run into problems.  I’ve built bug-out bags for both actual “bugging out” survival and more home-based preparedness. However, bug-out bags are extremely personal and based on your environment. Therefore, in this article, I’m not just going to tell...

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Nowadays, security issues prevail in every sector of the world. Physical safety is the main issue, whether it's a home, a bank, a healthcare center, or an office. Intruders and pick-lockers are always there waiting for a chance to swipe every important belonging or precious stuff from the cabinets. They would have different reasons to do it. However, the result is only one: your loss. The best way to mitigate these losses is to safeguard your belongings. You can do that by using smart RFID locks for your cabinets. Because mechanical locks aren't suitable for cabinets, they have high risks...

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Waking up fresh in the cool breezy morning and reading the newspaper to empower yourself with the knowledge of what’s happening around the world sounds like a good start to the day. However, the newspaper doesn’t always carry promising and inspiring updates. Sometimes the adversity we read in it brings chills down to our spines. And we spend the whole day just trying to keep the negative thoughts away and convincing ourselves that everything's alright and our family is safe. The best way to deal with such apprehension is to be prepared to tackle any problematic situations. Rest assured, having...

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  Image from Unsplash   Essential Advice to Safeguard Your Family: Home Safety Tips   When it comes to home safety, you can never have enough. Some people want to keep their families safe from potential intruders. In contrast, others want to protect their homes from fires or accidents at home. Whatever the reason, taking steps to improve home safety is always a good idea. Here, Gage Safe Products shares essential home safety tips to keep your family safe and secure. Let’s dive right into it.   Have A Family Emergency Plan   When preparing for an emergency, it is...

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Sources for DIY Safe materials.   A few years back I designed an in-wall mirrored gun safe that was made from 20 AWG steel. This posed some problems that are hard to solve at your local big box lumber yard. I planed on using one of our KR-S80Am Master/Slave lock systems so I had more than one locking point which is found on our store at www.gagesafeproducts.com .    The steel and mirror was easy for me to locally source, however I needed to find a heavy duty piano hinge, gun safe fabric and for a second project a pair of...

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