PPAR-9 Single Post AR-15/ M16 Rifle Wall Mount.

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AR-15  Plastix Plus    6" Single Post Wall Mount with double Mag storage. 

You may never have had to grab your rifle to protect your home or family and hopefully you never will.  However if you needed to, are you ready to react fast but still have your rifle stored in a responsible manner.

Keep your AR-15 safe and secure but ready for fast access.  Your AR rifle display wall mount uses the mag release button for mount lock/unlock.

Made of High Density Polyethylene Thermoplastic making it impervious to corrosion, fading and chemicals while mounting with heavy duty mounting hardware (not included) to your wall. 

Made in the USA.

Due to the products popularity please allow up to three weeks to ship. 


Customer Reviews

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Nice produce

The single post AR-15 wall mount works great. Hids my AR in the closet when not at the range
Funny that the dense plastic has welds, but guessing that is from the metal prototype used for a 3-D printer for production.

Thanks for the nice review Marshall. If we can be of any further help or assistance do not hesitate to come back and just ask. Guy Apell
Wall display

Wanted to mount my AR15 and this works great.