RFID Locks

RFID Cabinet Locks

You may have specific needs or just a general need for added safety around the house of the office.              

RFID locks for cabinets are the easiest way to secure whatever you have.  You may have heard them called Electronic RFID cabinet locks so don’t think they are two different types of locks.

In the home environment you may have prescription drugs that you need to secure from the kids or your kid’s friends.  At the office you might have cash or papers that you want to be locked up.  I have a customer that built a wood box to hold the mass media remotes, so they did not keep walking off.  It doesn’t matter what you want to lock up our locks will secure them.

Drawers are another option to be secured and that is certainly an option when using one of our GSP-S80 series locks.

Remember one thing, if you have a tactical shelf or table and are having problems with the lock our RFID cabinet locks are generally a direct replacement.  Or if you are building one yourself then we can provide you with a multitude of options.

When deciding on what type of RFID cabinet lock to use keep in mind all locks in this category need the RFID card to be with in about ¾ of an inch away from the lock mechanism.  What does that mean, you have to slide the RFID card over the shelf, drawer or cabinet front.  You cannot open it from feet or rooms away.

The best option if you want or need the ability to open your cabinet is to use a Bluetooth cabinet lock.

From across the room or even from another room completely is to use a lock that has Bluetooth capability.  Not all locks have this capability, however many of our KR-S80 series RFID cabinet locks do.  These locks now allow you to use an RFID card or the Bluetooth app on your phone.  The Bluetooth app is a closed system and will not talk to Alexa or any other home automated system so it cannot be hacked.

Fingerprint Locks

Do you feel a little James Bond or just want to add a level of security to the cabinet that you want to lock up.  That can be accomplished when you buy fingerprint locks from us.  They offer you a variety of options like RFID/Fingerprint or maybe Numeric, fingerprint plus RIFD. 

At the office a commercial fingerprint door lock or digital door lock fingerprint can be used to secure the doors on larger cabinets.  The S80 series locks are not designed to replace entry door locks, however you would not put a doorknob on your office cabinet either.

Gun Safety Locks

There are many people, and the number is growing each day that have a home defense firearm. 

Many people do not secure their firearm because they are afraid if they ever need it, they could not retrieve it fast enough.  Statistically that is not the overall case. 

The majority of people should not grab a firearm the second they are startled from a sleep.  We just don’t wake up that fast to be proficient.  So, a discrete secure storage location is by far a more preferred solution.