My Bluetooth Stopped Working.

My Bluetooth Stopped Working.

Has your KR-S80 series lock with Bluetooth stopped working with your phone?

All of the cell phone companies made some operating changes this last spring and summer and it stopped the Kerong app. from working.  The factory was able to rewrite and fix the problem however if you are using the older app your phones Bluetooth app will not work.  

If this is the case with you, you must do a complete uninstall of the app. not just the simple uninstall.  If you are using an iPhone you will need to talk to someone that knows the iphone.

If you are using an Android phone this is how you do a complete uninstall.

   * Go to app listing in the settings.

     Find the Kerong Admin app and select it.

     Scroll down to Storage and clear cache first, then clear date.

     Now uninstall the app.  This is called a complete uninstall.

     Now go to your app store and install the Kerong Admin app.

NOTE: Do not open the new app from the app store.  Go back to your browser and open it from there.

I do have the most resent User Manual information that I can email you if you need it again.  







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