About us

Gage Safe Products - Safety Is Your Responsibility. 

Gage Safe Products is a personal and home safety originated company.

Since 1926 A.T.C.,Inc. the parent company for Gage Safe Products has been working with thousands of customers to provide them the highest quality possible.  Being in the construction business you get to see how most people go about there day never thinking about being prepared for an emergency or how to reduce the effects of one. 

Gage Safe Products was formed in 2014 to provide you options that you do not find in the Big Box's or most other on line stores.  Our product line  may not be the least expensive or the largest, but we strive to have the highest quality.

We have become your HQ for RFID wireless hidden cabinet locks.  Our locks can have a variety of control panels or completely invisible.  We also offer multi point locks with only one card access great for hidden door access.  

As a family owned company we strive to provide you, our customers, products that make your live and your families lives safer in one way or an other.