Gage Safe Products

Gage Safe Products - Safety Is Your First Responsibility.  

Gage Safe Products was started in 2014 to provide you, the home owner, a safe, attractive, and durable way to have options in making yourself or your family safer in your day to day lives.  We realized that most people like you and me are not as prepared for an unexpected situation as we think we are.  The products we offer, provide you a way to be safer and help keep your family safer.
Our RFID lock systems allow you to keep valuables and potentially dangerous items locked up.  We offer many options to you because no one has the same needs.  It's not what I think will be good enough for you, it's what you need to keep yourself, your family or coworkers safe.
Our LED flashlight series are intended to solve problems like life and death times.  Not that a cheap flashlight won't work, I have many laying around the house.  However I do not want to bet my life or my families life on a $19.99 special. 
The VISM Backpacks with Ballistic or bulletproof inserts are an insurance policy that your family members can use on a daily base.