RFID Lock Systems - Your Complete Guide

RFID Lock Systems - Your Complete Guide

When searching for the best RFID lock system, it can feel a bit overwhelming sorting through all of the options. You have to select the right brand, style, features, and functions for your unique application. So how do you know what will work best for you?

We've put together this guide to help answer your questions about RFID locks. It provides the information needed to determine the best RFID lock system for your specific need or application. Let's start with some basics.

What is an RFID lock system?

RFID (or radio frequency identification) is a popular technology used for various applications, from inventory tracking to payment processing. RFID lock systems are a secure form of access control. They're reliable, and some even offer trackable data. 

Compared to other access systems, RFID locks are contactless. In other words, the user doesn't have to touch the reader to unlock the unit. As such, our lock kits come configured to use an RFID card or our app through Bluetooth. 

How does an RFID lock work?

RFID readers work by sending and receiving data over radio frequencies. In order to operate as a fully-functional system, each RFID lock requires four things: an RFID reader, a transceiver, RFID tags, and antennas.

The user's credential (a card with an embedded RFID chip, or in some cases, an app) contains a unique identifier that we call a tag. When the credential is close enough to the RFID reader within the lock, the reader reads the tag information from the keycard.

The data is then sent through antennas and transceivers and the RFID lock system accepts or denies the unlock request.

Where are RFID locks used?

Gage Safe Product RFID lock systems are easy-to-install and an excellent choice for increasing anti-theft and home security measures. Secure anything from a kitchen cabinet filled with cleaning chemicals to Grandma's collectible dolls in her display case. 

Our locks are popular for securing:

  • gun cabinets
  • drawers/cabinets/doors
  • power equipment
  • sheds
  • tools
  • prescription drugs
  • essential documents
  • knives
  • cleaning chemicals
  • electronics
  • collectibles
  • and so much more!

  • For example, our Bluetooth RFID Cabinet Lock kits are our most popular locks for securing firearms or as an added anti-theft measure for valuable items.

    We also offer an RFID Lock system with fingerprint and Bluetooth access for those who want a different form of security for a drawer, door, or cabinet. The benefit of a fingerprint reader is that you don't have to worry about misplacing a card. In addition, our recessed 51SF fingerprint reader can hold up to 100 fingerprints in its memory.

    What styles of RFID locks do you offer?

    At Gage Safe Products, we are committed to providing you with RFID Locks of the highest quality design and manufacturing. So, whether you're looking for increased anti-theft or home security measures to protect your loved ones, we have the right lock for you.

    We offer a variety of lock styles, including:

    The above listed lock styles also come in a variety of combinations. For example, you can purchase a cabinet lock kit with both RFID keycard access and Bluetooth access. We are always here to help you select the best lock for your application.

    Contact us today.

    As a family-owned company, we strive to provide you, our customers, with products that make you, your family, and the lives you live safer.

    For help selecting the RFID Lock system that is right for you, give us a call. We are always happy to help answer questions and to help determine the locking system best suited for your unique needs.

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