3000WB  White Board In-Wall Safe System
3000WB  White Board In-Wall Safe System
3000WB  White Board In-Wall Safe System
3000WB  White Board In-Wall Safe System

3000WB White Board In-Wall Safe System

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Custom Built Just For You.

Your family is your responsibility to keep safe.
The 3000WB is designed for discreet home or office storage.  It provides you with convenient and quickly accessible storage for a verity of scenarios.  
Prescription Drugs, Money/Documents or personal defense sidearm, all need to be kept out of the wrong hands. 
With the 3000WB the only thing anyone will see is a fully functional white board that the entire family or office can use.  Nobody would ever suspect what it actually is and why you have it.
Your hidden wall storage unit is steel strong to protect.  The wall insert is constructed of welded 18 AWG steel along with the hinged steel door.  The lock is one of our RFID wireless locks with a hidden remote card reader, programmable to accept over 100 access cards if needed . If the standard RFID credit card isn't what you want or need, we have optional key tags or wrist bands.  All of our in wall safe systems are designed to fit into most any wall in this country.  All it needs is 16" on center wall studs with 1/2" wall boarding. 
The back of all units are covered with fabric that is hook and loop compatible just like you find in a gun cabinet.  One adjustable height shelf is included.  Our white board is mounted to the units door but can be removed and you can install a mirror or picture of your choice if you so desire.
Our In-Wall Safe System is designed to be opened from the lest or the right depending on how you install it.
This is not a fire safe or a vault but a steel strong discreet in wall lock box.


Made in Wisconsin, USA.  Average delivery time, three to four weeks.
  • Constructed of 18 AWG steel.
  • White Board
  • RFID Lock Set, including 1 Manager and 1 User card.
  • One removable shelf.
  • Hook and Loop compatible back fabric.
  • Dimensions - 15" x 21"