DIV05 Waterproof LED Flashlight with Ultra Bright Fixed Focus

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 Emergency, Water Proof Flashlight  

DIV05 Waterproof LED Flashlight  with it's ultra bright, fixed focus, is the water proof light that will work when you need it to.  From the 12,000 foot peeks of the Rocky Mountains to over 400 feet below the ocean waves.  
Perfect for when you are boating, fishing, diving or for anyone that finds them self out in the rain and weather for long period of time. 
Maybe you are fine with a $19.99 flashlight when your life could be in jeopardy but my family is worth more than that when the SHTF.
This light is not just water resistant it is Water Proof down to 140 meters, that's over 400 feet.  
DIV05 waterproof LED flashlight is a twist on, twist off light with a fixed focus.  1000 Lumens of bright white light in this compact package.
Manufactured from high quality, military grade Tl6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, with a full glass lens.

EMERGENCY : Don't stake your life on anything less.

Designed to work - Built to last.

 Preset Non focusing output beam. 
 Run time 3hr max.
 CREE XML U4 1000 Lumens max.
 Twist on - Twist off
 Batteries - 1 ea.  18650 rechargeable (included)
 Charger - Single cell charger with 115 VAC and                12 VDC.  
 Water Proof  IP-68 - 140m