KR-S80D RFID Lock Remote Keypad

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KR-S80D  RFID Lock Remote Keypad /Card Reader. 

The NSA will be jealous.

The  KR-S80D RFID Lock Remote Keypad /Card Reader allows you to use one of your cards or tags to open this lock normally.  Then in an emergency when you may not have your card, punch in your code and gain access.   

The Gen2 lock now allows you to not only use the on board batteries but it also allows you to connect remote power from a AC power adapter so you never need to worry about the batteries going dead. Your new  KR-S80D  RFID Lock  with Remote Keypad/Card Reader uses a remote Keypad/Card reader.  On the card reader is a USB power plug.  This can be used for emergency access if the batteries do go dead.

Secure anything from a Filing cabinet to Grandmas old doll display case. Your lock can also be used on a sliding door using the Optional Locking Pin.  Pass your card over remote reader and the cabinet door pops open, close the door and the door is locked again.  

The KR-S80D RFID Lock Remote Keypad/Card Reader is designed for your safety in mind.  No cheap five dollar plastic baby lock to protect you and your family. 

Your lock can be installed into metal or nonmetallic cabinets to give you a locked door or drawer that only you can open using one of the RFID cards.  

Programming is easy.  Set up your  KR-S80D   RFID Lock with Remote Keypad/Card Reader to reset after each opening or set to stay open until you re-lock.  In addition to cards you can program a 4 to 8 digit numerical code to access the lock.

 NOTE: This lock can not be used as a Master or Slave lock.  

Over 100 cards, tags or bands can be programmed for each lock so your entire family or staff can have access if you want them to.

If you need a custom length cable between the reader and the lock just email me with your needs.

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  • Zinc-alloy lock in ABS body.
  • Remote Card Reader with USB power connector. 
  • 3" reader cable
  • 1 ea. Locking pin assembly for swinging door applications.
  • Powered by 4 AAA batteries, (not included).
  • Dimensions - 3" x 3" x 1"
  • Locked by motor/servo.
  • Included two cards, 1 Manager Card, 1 User Card.
  • WARRANTY: 12 month manufacturer.



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I was looking for a small RFID lock that could use a card or a code number. This lock can do booth and should work out great.