KR-S80A-BT RFID + Bluetooth Cabinet Lock

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NEW FOR 2020

Bluetooth APP included with each Lock 

KR-S80A-BT gen2  RFID Cabinet Lock

If you are anything like me, you want to protect your family from improperly stored prescription drugs or your home defense weapon.

Now you can lock and unlock using your phone.  Using the KR-S80A-BT allows you to continue using an RFID card or just push UNLOCK on your phone.  

Secure anything from a Kitchen cabinet to Grandmas old doll display case. Your RFID Cabinet Lock can also be used on a sliding door using the Optional Locking Pin.  Pass your card over the KR-S80 Cabinet Lock area and the cabinet door pops open, close the door and the door is locked again.

RFID Cabinet Lock is designed for your safety in mind.  No cheap five dollar plastic baby lock to protect you and your family.     No visible lock.


The Gen2  RFID Cabinet Lock, now allows you to not only use the on board batteries but it also allows you to connect remote power.  You never need to worry about the batteries going dead and you are locked out with a KR-S80 cabinet lock system. 

Your lock can be installed into most any nonmetallic cabinet to give you a locked door or drawer that only you can open using one of the RFID card or your phone.

Programming is easy.  Set up lock to reset after each opening or set to stay open until you re-lock.  This lock is RFID MF1 13.5Mhz, not NFC compatible.  

Over 100 cards, tags or bands can be programmed for each lock so your entire family or staff can have access if you want them to or just program in our APP.

The Bluetooth lock can not be used as a Master or Slave lock.  It is a stand alone lock like all of the other remote sensor locks in our collection.

Allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery.  We try to ship product out as soon as possible.

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  • Zinc-alloy lock in ABS body.
  • 1 ea. Locking pin assembly for swinging door applications.
  • Powered by 4 AAA batteries, (not included).
  • 3.5mm external power connector.  (New)
  • Dimensions - 3" x 3" x 1"
  • Locked by motor/servo.
  • Included, 1 Manager Card, 1 User Card.
  • WARRANTY: 12 month manufacturer.
  • See Options for remote power kits.





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I wanted to thank you for your revue and am glad that the new lock is working well for you. Guy
Amazing Customer Service