KR-S80 Fingerprint Reader RFID Cabinet Lock

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KR-S80G Fingerprint Recognition Remote Reader Cabinet Lock.

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Do you want to control access to your petty cash, documents or any other men in black secrets you may have.

Looking to add security without having to use an RFID card or entry code.  The " G " model lock set will allow you to access your locked cabinet using your fingerprint.

There are two reader options depending on your needs.

First option is the standard surface mounted fingerprint reader that can hold up to 10 fingerprints in it's memory.

Second option is the recessed 51SF fingerprint reader that has the capability of holding up to 100 fingerprints in it's memory.

You can install your lock into metal or nonmetallic cabinets to give you a locked and secure door or drawer that you control who has access.

If you have any questions regarding the lock or if it will work for your needs just ask.

If you need a custom length cable between the reader and the lock just email me with your needs. This lock is RFID MF1 13.5Mhz, not NFC compatible. 

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  • Zinc-alloy lock in ABS body.
  • Remote Reader - has built in usb connector for emergency power. 
  • 3" reader cable
  • 1 ea. Locking pin assembly for swinging door applications.
  • Powered by 4 AAA batteries, (not included).
  • All gen2 locks can use the 3.5 mm power connector for remote power.
  • Dimensions - 3" x 3" x 1"
  • Locked by motor/servo.
  • WARRANTY: 12 month manufacturer. 

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