What is Your Best Option Among the Different Cabinet Lock Types?

What is Your Best Option Among the Different Cabinet Lock Types?

Because there are so many different types of cabinet locks, including file cabinet locks, drawer locks, and Bluetooth Cabinet locks, you might feel puzzled about them. Which one fits my project the best?

Selecting the appropriate cabinet lock for your project will not only help you save money but will also improve the user experience. Typical cabinet lock types are chosen based on the needs of the customer. Based on these traditional locks, numerous electronic cabinet lock manufacturers create various functional locks.

This is a challenge because there are numerous lock types to choose from, and doing so can be difficult. But do not worry. This article will walk you through the most popular lock types, enabling you to choose the ideal lock for any of your woodworking projects.

If you are still not sure, never hesitate to ask us for our suggestion. 

Cabinet lock with fingerprints

cabinet lock

Because fingerprint locks are secure, practical, and stylish, they have become some of the most widely used cabinet locks on the market today.

The fingerprint lock has a high rate of recognition and is quick, compact, and secure. The lock has a better anti-scratch and anti-stain feature, and the optical fingerprint head technology is more advanced.

A fingerprint lock offers a better security level than other locks since it is both unique and unreplicable. The fingerprint cabinet lock can be used on bank file cabinets, jewelry boxes, hospital lockers, business file cabinets, and furniture drawers.

Electronic cabinet lock with a combination

A string of numbers is used as the password for the electronic combination cabinet lock to lock and unlock the cabinet. While it is secure, practical, and stylish all at once, you must remember the password. Young people embrace electronic combination cabinet locks because they may be an issue for the elderly and younger children.

Touch buttons and physical buttons are the two categories into which the keyboard can be separated. This style of cabinet lock is appropriate for use in a hospital, gym, SPA locker room, school dorm, and workplace filing cabinets, among other places.

RFID cabinet lock with sensor

RFID cabinet locks

The RFID cabinet locks are controlled by a circuit board MCPU (single chip microcomputer). The RFID card can be used to open and close the cabinet after the battery has been installed. When issuing the card, you can specify the opening range and the permission.

For hotels, gyms, recreation centers, and golf courses, RFID sensor cabinet locks are essential safety electronic cabinet locks.

Keyless Cabinet Lock through the App

bluetooth cabinet locks

The new Internet intelligent cabinet control system solution is becoming more and more well-known as internet technology advances. To open the cabinet, use your smartphone.

Be assured our Bluetooth cabinet locks do not depend on any third party like Alexist or Google.

The cabinet may be used to open the locker, retrieve your belongings, and complete the express transceiver thanks to this keyless Bluetooth cabinet lock. It can take the place of the conventional printing locker, saving on consumables and maintenance expenses.

Password Protection

The password padlock is an improvement over the standard padlock. The lock can only be opened without keys using the password. You can use it in some private places, such as bags, luggage, and cabinets because it is straightforward, affordable, and compact.

How to Pick a Perfect Lock, in Summary

This blog has a list of several lock types, Bluetooth cabinet locks etc,  that you could use on your furniture. Although all locks are trustworthy and secure, it is important to understand which locks go best with certain types of furniture. 

The majority of the time, we work with any kind of furniture, including steel, iron, wooden, etc. So, it's always a good idea to conduct careful research and select the most appropriate lock from the ones described above.

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