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Tips For Keeping Your Gun Safe And Accessible at Home

Waking up fresh in the cool breezy morning and reading the newspaper to empower yourself with the knowledge of what’s happening around the world sounds like a good start to the day. However, the newspaper doesn’t always carry promising and inspiring updates. Sometimes the adversity we read in it brings chills down to our spines. And we spend the whole day just trying to keep the negative thoughts away and convincing ourselves that everything's alright and our family is safe.

The best way to deal with such apprehension is to be prepared to tackle any problematic situations. Rest assured, having a tool for personal security, like a gun, does bring peace of mind. But then the decision of keeping the gun at home is also something to ponder as it has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Undoubtedly personal safety is of utmost importance, but then what about the security of the gun?

To help you do away with those apprehensions, we have listed a few tips on how to keep your gun safe yet accessible at home. Let’s have a look.       

1. Educate your family, especially your children 

Keeping a gun at home does ensure safety, but it comes with a greater responsibility of preventing it from getting into the wrong hands. You need to be even more conscious when you have kids at home. Their naivety may lead them to dangerous situations. 

To avoid such aggravated circumstances educating your kids is crucial. Explaining the risks and benefits related to the decision of keeping a gun at home would help in keeping your family safe from unwanted situations. 

2. Store in the locked box inside your closet

Of course, your job doesn’t end with bringing a gun home and educating your family about it. Keeping it in a secure yet accessible place is also crucial. For keeping it within reach yet far away from unwanted hands, you can store it in the locked boxes inside your closet in the bedroom.  

3. Install Smart Locks  

Boxes with lock and key fail to match the expectations and your valuable belongings as breaking them is easy. To avoid such disappointment, try smart gun cabinet locks that are easy to use and are upgraded with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. 

We have listed some of our top-performing RFID locks for gun cabinets with fingerprint readers, Bluetooth, etc., to help you keep the gun and other valuable items safe and secured.

  • RFID + Bluetooth Cabinet Lock

RFID bluetooth cabinet lock

Easy to install RFID Cabinet Lock has a variety of applications. It can be used on doors, cabinets, and sliding doors using the optional locking pin, etc.  Pass your card over the KR-S80 Cabinet Lock area and the RFID gun storage pops open. Simply close the door to re-engage the lock. Once installed, your gun cabinet can only be opened using one of the pre-configured RFID cards or your phone through Bluetooth. 

  • BT Numeric/RFID Reader + Bluetooth Cabinet Lock

Numeric bluetooh cabinet lock

With three reader options, i.e. RFID card, Numeric Code, and Bluetooth phone App, this lock is extremely easy to use. The three-way reader options make BT Numeric/RFID Reader + Bluetooth Cabinet Lock one of the most preferred locks. Also, this RFID lock for gun cabinets has an emergency power supply solution to alert you before the battery dies and automatically unlocks when the voltage drops below 4v.

  • BT Fingerprint Reader + Bluetooth RFID Cabinet Lock

Fingerprint bluetooth cabinet lock

With increased convenience for you, here is an RFID lock for gun cabinet with a fingerprint reader. It has two reader options. First is a recessed 51SF fingerprint reader, which can hold up to 100 fingerprints in memory. So you can add the fingerprints of your confidant to your gun cabinet fingerprint lock. Second is the Bluetooth Phone App, which is included with each lock. These two options together facilitate you to have quick access to your gun at a time of necessity without risking the access of your gun by any unauthorized person.  

4. Keep the location of the gun undisclosed

Lastly, it's important to keep the gun out of sight as well as out of anybody's knowledge except your confidant. Sometimes, people tend to get nervous when they get to know about the presence of guns inside the house. Oblivion, in this case, would work in your favor. The fewer people know, the better.  

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