RFID lock for cabinet

Importance Of Having RFID Locks For Your Cabinets

Nowadays, security issues prevail in every sector of the world. Physical safety is the main issue, whether it's a home, a bank, a healthcare center, or an office. Intruders and pick-lockers are always there waiting for a chance to swipe every important belonging or precious stuff from the cabinets.

They would have different reasons to do it. However, the result is only one: your loss. The best way to mitigate these losses is to safeguard your belongings. You can do that by using smart RFID locks for your cabinets. Because mechanical locks aren't suitable for cabinets, they have high risks as people can still access your wardrobe by making a spare key or opening it through other means.

What is an RFID lock?

A Gage Safe RFID Lock is an electronic lock that provides access using certifications, like key fobs or key cards, powered by RFID technology.

RFID (radio frequency identification) lock technology uses electromagnetic fields to allow contact between two devices: markers and readers. Many industries use RFID technology for extra security.

You can prefer between diverse configurations regarding RFID cabinet lock installation. Some RFID locks function with existing deadbolts, so you can use metal keys alongside RFID certificates. Gage Safe RFID locks completely substitute the deadbolt and only operate with electronic certificates or fingerprints controlled by a smartphone.

RFID locks

RFID locks can be installed on cabinets and wardrobes in apartments, hotel rooms, or other entrances on a residential property. RFID lock systems can also be used at commercial properties. A company, for example, might issue keycards to each employee to gain access to specific storage within the facility.

Importance of RFID Locks

The features that are important to you depend on your particular situation. Some people need access to their homes when they're not around, while others want an extra level of security. The balance between these options will depend on your goals.

Smart Access

When you have an RFID lock in your cabinet or door, you can access it with a card or fop. Using an RFID card or fob is more accessible than fishing around with a key. As some RFID locks can read a marker without the user touching it, add them to your facility, and your health-conscious lodgers will also admire the benefits of contact-free door entrance methods.

Keyless Entry

Keys might often be misplaced or lost by individuals. Keycards are less likely to of getting lost, damaged, or stolen. Even if a person loses a keycard, it is much easier, cheaper, and faster to create a new one than to replace a lost RFID key; on the other hand, you can deactivate the previous one. Moreover, RFID locks with mobile access can be opened by a smartphone, eliminating the need for a keycard.

Reprogrammable keys

You'll undoubtedly be issuing substitute keys or fobs as new residents move in or existing ones lose them. And unlike conventional metal keys, you can publish a replacement key card for a tenant using the equipment.

Auto-lock after a certain period

One of the most important features you should look for is whether or not the RFID lock will automatically relock itself after it has been opened. For example, if you unlock your wardrobe and forget to close it, the RFID locks itself automatically after a few minutes.

Anti-tamper features

Another important consideration is a strong anti-tamper feature, which will help protect your property. What happens if someone tries to break into your home and fails? Will an alarm sound that can scare them off or alert you remotely so that you know something is going on at home? What kind of security measures does your door lock come with? This feature helps to protect your belongings when left unattended and keeps out unwanted guests.

Putting RFID locks on your cabinets can allow you to get complete access to the security of your cabinets. The purpose of intelligent RFID cabinet locks is to make your security issues easier and better. Moreover, it gives you a better and more manageable approach to opening the lock through an RFID card, Bluetooth, or mobile application. Connect with the Gage Safe team for customized decor suggestions. We're just a chat away!

We suggest a variety of RFID Lock classes, including:

Gage Safe RFID Locks are available in various Bluetooth, fingerprint, keypad, and remote card reader access styles to fit your requirements. 

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