KR S80 RFID Cabinet Lock Systems, Lock It Up and Be Safe.

KR-S80-E111PF-BT Front Panel

KR-S80E-111PF-BT Lock

The KR-S80E-111PF-BT lock is a talented lock.  You can secure a cabinet and use any one of three options to open it including Fingerprint, Numeric code, or Bluetooth.

Great for Schools

This lock is great for children with special needs who are unable to open a traditional school locker.  It's also great for emergency equipment locker/cabinet access in each classroom. The office can use the lock to easily secure items, with flexibility to control access and method of access.

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We are also your source for Master/Slave RFID lock systems.  One lock opens up to 49 other locks. Just like a bank vault.

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