6 Must-Have RFID Cabinet Lock Features

6 Must-Have RFID Cabinet Lock Features

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If you're looking to beef up your security at home or work, you may be looking into using an RFID cabinet lock. But what features should you look for, and how do you know if you're getting a quality lock?

Not all RFID locks are created equal. For the best security, you'll want a top-tier lock system. Knowing the ins and outs of RFID locks can help you select the best RFID lock for your needs. 

But don't worry. You don't have to be a lock guru to know how to pick the best. We've simplified it for you below. And if you need help, we're always ready to assist.

Quality RFID Cabinet Lock Features

Quality RFID locks all come with a few key features. When comparing products, look for locks that offer most, if not all, of the following features. Then rest assured knowing you've made a quality investment in your home or workplace security.

1. Programmable Key Cards

Programmable key cards provide added flexibility for home or workplace security. For example, you could have a keycard with access to only one cabinet. At the same time, another card could have access to that same locked cabinet plus others. 

Set up cards and deactivate or reprogram them to suit your needs. In general, each RFID lock includes two cards (one manager card and one user card) and a manual with step-by-step instructions for programming or reprogramming additional cards. 

You can program a single RFID user keycard to unlock multiple RFID locks. Alternatively, you can also program an RFID key fob or RFID bracelet to work with your RFID lock(s).

As a service to our customers, we take the time to pre-program your RFID user keycard before shipping. We do this to ensure that your lock is easy to install and ready to go.

2. Anti-Tamper Features

If you're concerned about the security of your gun cabinet or other valuables, it's also essential to know if someone unsuccessfully tried to gain access.

If access is attempted and denied, many quality RFID cabinet locks sound an alarm or notify you remotely. 

3. Smartphone App

Smartphone RFID cabinet lock access

While controlling your RFID lock via a smartphone may not be necessary, it is a convenient feature that is very secure and safe. This is because it uses a closed-loop system that communicates directly with your phone through Bluetooth. And thanks to advancements in technology, most newer RFID cabinet locks are equipped with Bluetooth. 

A smartphone app allows you to lock and unlock doors remotely. User configuration is more manageable through the app, too. For example, you could create additional users with access to whatever locked cabinets you want. Then, just share the app with the user to grant access. If a user has the app, there's no need for you to be present to provide access, and no RFID keycard is required.

Gage Safe Products' most popular RFID cabinet lock, the KR-S80A-BT, comes with both RFID and Bluetooth. 

4. Time-Based Access

Another feature to consider is time-based access, which allows you to configure users that expire or have access for a limited time. 

Alternatively, with time-based access, you can configure RFID cabinet locks to auto-unlock and re-lock again based on a set schedule. This feature has practical applications in a retail setting.

5. Auto-Lock Feature

For the highest level of security, your RFID cabinet lock must have an auto-lock feature. In other words, you can configure your cabinet lock to automatically re-lock every time the door is closed.

An auto-lock feature eliminates accidental or unintentional entry to secure items. For example, keep your children and family safe by using an auto-locking RFID lock on your gun cabinet.

6. Backup Power

Most RFID locks operate on battery power and will offer some type of alert to let you know when the batteries are low. However, checking batteries or maintaining them can be a pain, especially if you have multiple locks in your configuration. 

To avoid the hassle, ensure the RFID lock you purchase includes a backup power source such as an AC power adapter. With an AC power adapter, the batteries become the backup power source.

RFID cabinet locks sold through Gage Safe Products can also be strung together so that a single AC power adapter provides power to all locks in the vicinity. This feature is convenient in retail or other multi-lock configurations.

Need help?

Contact Gage Safe Products and tell us about your specific RFID cabinet lock needs. Then, we'll help you safely secure your gun cabinet or other valuables by selecting the right, top-quality lock and accessories.

Learn more and shop our full line of RFID locks here.

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John Watkins
John Watkins

I bought this already programmed with a cabinet, but with no lock manual. Could you send? The model is kR-S80L

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