KR-S80 RFID Cabinet Lock Systems

If being 007 Stealth is up your alley, then one of our RFID locks will fit the job.

Your cabinet could have no visible lock, yet it will be secured by your RFID card.  Pass your card over the area of your lock and the door pops open for you.  Close the door again and it is locked.  Some of our locks have an exterior card, code readers depending on what and how you need to secure your valuables.

If your needs require a code to enter or a fingerprint we can accommodate that also.  

Do you want to use more than one lock to secure your case or multiple cases with only one access card reader?  Your need is our command to provide an option.

Our RFID Cabinet Lock Systems have been designed and manufactured to the highest quality.
The locks along with the optional support products have been selected to provide you our customer the best quality product with the options we know you want and need.  We have made it a policy not to publish the programming manual on this site for your security.  As a lock customer, you would be emailed a manual and we can always email you another copy if it gets deleted on your end.