About Gage Safe Products

Gage Safe Products - Safety Is Your Responsibility. 

Gage Safe Products is a personal, family and home safety orientated company specializing in the KR-S80 series RFID cabinet locks.

Since 1926, A.T.C. Inc., the parent company for Gage Safe Products, has been working with thousands of customers to provide the highest quality solutions possible. In 2020 Gage Safe Products became it's own independent company none as Gage Safe Products LLC.  

Founded to Provide Quality Safety Solutions

Gage Safe Products was formed in 2014 to provide you and your family safe, attractive, and very durable safety options. No one wants to think about the day that home or personal safety equipment is needed, but in such times, there's nothing more important than being prepared.

Our home safety and personal safety solutions are not ones you'll find in the Big Box stores or most other on-line stores. With our product line we strive to have the highest quality RFID locks and personal safety products available to meet your safety needs. 

Specializing in RFID Cabinet Locks

We have become your headquarters for the KR-S80 series wireless hidden RFID cabinet locks.  Our locks can have a variety of control panels or be completely invisible.  We also are the only company offering Master/Slave multi-point locks with only one card access - great for hidden door access!

As a family owned company we strive to provide you, our customers, products that make you, your family, and the lives you live, safer. 

Guy Apell, Owner and Founder of Gage Safe Products, started out with almost twenty years in the electronics industry.  After getting back into the family construction business back in 1985, he now has thirty years in the home remodeling industry as well. Safety solutions has become a passion of his.

"Being in the construction business, you get to see how many people go about their day without thinking about being prepared for an emergency or how to reduce the effects of one. 

Over the years, it became obvious that when problems did arise, most people opted for a cheap, quick-fix solution, even if the problem pertained to their safety or the safety of their family."

— Guy Apell, Owner and Founder of Gage Safe Products

Guy founded Gage Safe Products to fill the gap and provide quality safety solutions that could be quickly implemented to improve safety, minimize the effects of incidents, and to reduce future issues.

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