RFID Lock Specifications and Drawings.

KR-S80 RFID Lock Installation and Specifications.

The following information is provided so you can determine how and if our RFID locks will work for your needs.

All of the lock bodies have the same measurements for mounting and installation.  Note: The Hook B locking pin has been updated to Hook E.  The specs. are the same just redesigned by the factory to be a better locking pin.

Programming instructions are emailed to all of our customers.  We have decided not to openly publish the programming information for potential security reasons.  

KR-S80 Lock Body Appearance
KR-S80 Lock Body and Hook Dimensions
KR-S80 Hook A and Hook B Installation
KR-S80 Lock Body Installation Dimentions
KR-S80 Installation Examples 
Gage Safe Products KR-S80 Lock Installation Tips