Impactful Steps You Can Take to Boost Home Safety and Security

Impactful Steps You Can Take to Boost Home Safety and Security

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Your home is your personal retreat, a space where you can get away from the world and relax in comfort. You can enhance that peace of mind by installing home safety features to make your space even more secure. Investing in home security can also pay off in the long term, as certain home security measures can boost property value. RedFin even recommends saving receipts of such improvements, so you can quantify your investment.

Which improvements are worth investing in? Read on to find out.

Invest in a smart security system

Modern home security systems offer far more than simple alarms. Today's technology includes motion sensors, cameras, and more. You can even integrate your security system into your smart home, allowing you to control everything via your mobile phone. The Future of Things reveals that smart systems offer numerous benefits, like minimizing the risk of false alarms and allowing for real-time monitoring.

Add more lighting around your home

Sometimes all it takes is some added lights to deter unwanted trespassers. Security lighting takes many forms. You can add overhead and wall lights by your entry doors, for example, and install floodlights in your garden. Landscape lighting can also be useful for illuminating walkways. Motion lights are ideal as they can save you energy since they don't run constantly. Plus, a light suddenly coming on can be a great way to deter trespassers.

Install a fence to create a property barrier

With any home security measure, the aim is to make your house less appealing to potential burglars. The harder you make it to access your property, the better your home security. A fence or wall is a great addition that fulfills exactly this purpose. When shopping for fences, prioritize models that are hard to climb over. For example, steer clear of fences with horizontal slats, which make for easy footholds. Instead, opt for vertical bars.

Use your landscaping to ramp up privacy

Your landscaping can add another layer of protection between your property and the public, reinforcing your fence line. Plant tall, dense hedges like boxwood that are hard to get over or through. Ideally, look for shrubbery with prickly leaves. The added benefit of a dense hedge is that it's hard to see through. This can provide more privacy, ensuring that people can't peek in from the street. Enhanced privacy is also in demand among home-buyers.

Secure your windows and doors

If other deterrents like lighting and fences don't do the trick, you want to ensure your house is secured against intruders. Your windows and doors are critical points of concern. offers tips for burglar-proofing windows, like adding sash locks and installing tempered glass. When it comes to your front door, you might add a horizontal security bar, implement a door barricade, or insert a heavy-duty deadbolt.

Keep valuables safe indoors with high-tech locks

When planning home security, it's, unfortunately, necessary to think about the worst-case scenario. What if all the above measures fail and someone still makes it into your home? Cabinet locks from Gage Safe Products can help keep valuables, from firearms to jewelry safe. These cabinet locks can be used in any household and are straightforward to implement. Locking options include Bluetooth, numeric code, or fingerprint.

Taking the above steps will ensure your house is more secure, which can give you fantastic peace of mind. These measures may also boost your property value, making them a worthy investment in case you decide to sell your house in the future.

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