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Looking for a complete solution to protect your home or business? Shop our selection of personal security tools today and get everything you need to secure your property. We deal with many personal and home security tools to get the peace of mind you deserve. Let us help you create a safe and secure space for you and your family.

Essential and quality equipment is a must. Weather you are camping with the family or you must bug out to a remote location. Remember, It is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
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Biometrics Fingerprint Door

Automatic Fingerprint door lock with Mechanical key is perfect for home or office door security
Gage Safe Products
Gage Safe Products KR-S80-E111PF-BT  Numeric/Fingerprint Reader + Bluetooth RFID Cabinet Lock - Gage Safe Products VISM 2965 Large Utility Pouch - Gage Safe Products RFID Optional  Magnetic Key Tag. - Gage Safe Products


Smart, affordable and reliable security tools that give us and our family peace of minded and security.



  • Automatic Fingerprint Lock

Fobster Key Fob wristband is a easily adjustable strap that fits every wrist. Our patent-pending design features a secure pocket that holds your key fob in place


A unique physical or behavioral characteristics to verify an individual’s identity to ensure 100% secured home for family

Gage Safe Products
Gage Safe Products - KR S80 RFID Cabinet Lock Systems, Lock It Up and Be Safe.


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I really cannot complain this door handle does exactly as advertised! You will have a slight learning curve to understand the setup process but the finger print reader works every time


Overall works as described, and you get value for the money. Not as expensive as some of the other brands that have apps, but gets the job done. Easy install.


Exceeded my expectations very happy with the bullet proof backbag quality, weight & cost

Kevin Gripp

These wristband is great addition to Pos. I now purchase These wristband For all my restaurants.
I can scan it in front of my staffs, not worry if they see my password, no more unauthorized modify orders using my or managers' password.

Tony Dong