KR-S80 series locks with Bluetooth, updated app.

KR-S80 series locks with Bluetooth, updated app.

Information regarding the Bluetooth app for the KR-S80 series locks.

Just received information from the Kerong factory that the new Bluetooth app is now up and available.

Just go to your app store and down load the Kerong Bluetooth app and set it up.

As a side note for those that have the old Bluetooth app installed on their phone.

You must do a full uninstall before installing the new version.  You need to select Force Stop then in the storage section of the app. clear the Cache and then clear the Data.  Now you can do Uninstall.  

Go back to your app store and download the Kerong Admin app however do not open it in the down load window.  Exit out of the app store and open the app from your app list like any other app.  You will now be able to set up your lock. 

I hope this information is use full to you and fixes any problems you may have run into regarding your Bluetooth lock.



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