VISM backpack with ballistic panel

Ballistic Backpack

Just an up date regarding the new line of Ballistic Backpacks that we now have in our store.  As I noted last time, we had the Daypack with one IIIA panel and the Bodyguard Ballistic Backpack with 2 ballistic panels for front and back coverage.

The latest pack we have is called the Assault Ballistic Backpack and it comes with one IIIA panel in the back of the pack.  This pack can be upgraded to a III rated panel if you need it.

As I am sure you know, the IIIA ballistic panel is a pistol rating and the III panel rating is to designate a rifle rating.

The Bodyguard pack can be upgraded with a III rated panel only for the back panel the panel that covers your front stays a IIIA.  

The new Assault backpack is a great pack for Boy/Girl Scouts, hikers, campers or anyone that just wants a good backpack to set up as a bug out bag.  We will be having this pack for sale in the store shortly with out a ballistic panel included.

Start thinking of back to school personal safety or just a great Christmas present. 

Also if you are a Scout leader or an outfitter of some kind and would like to make a volume purchase for your group, email me and lets put a deal together. 

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