Programing KR-S80 Series RFID Locks

Programing KR-S80 Series RFID Locks

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Quick Setup KR-S80 RFID Lock

Your KR-S80 RFID cabinet lock is easy to program and reprogram.

Insert batteries or remote power, so your KR-S80 lock is powered and functional.


Using a paper clip or some other small, pointed tool you can now start the basic start up programming.


  1. Depress the Reset button for 2 sec. until the white LED turns to green and back to white and then off. The lock is now reset and ready to program one Management card next.
  2. Set Manager Card – Push Button 1 – Green LED will flash Swipe Manager card once and a “di” or beep will sound. The manager card is now programed. Wait until led goes out to proceed.
  3. Set Mode of operation – Push button 3 to set lock mode. “di di” lock is locked all the time until you swipe and unlock. “di di di” is lock opens with a swipe and closes with a second swipe.
  4. Set User Card.
  5. a) Swipe manager card led will flash slower.
  6. b) Immediately swipe user card.
  7. c) Let led stop flashing and the user card should work. If it does not repeat and slow down your swipe.
  8.     Your lock should be programed for the mode you selected. If you want to change the mode repeat step 3 with the same cards. Remember if you swipe a card and it does not set the mode you are going for try again but slower.
  9.  To add more card’s repeat step 4.


Silent Stealth Mode – Deactivating lock Alarm tone when you open and close the lock. 1 If you want to turn off the Alarm tone: Press buttons “1 & 2” at the same time. The lock will prompt with a “di di” and LED will shine in green twice (2). Inactive sound successful. 2 Only the alarm tone will be deactivated. The soft tone when you swipe a card is still active. Master/Slave lock system notes: 1 All locks must be set using button 3 to the same mode. 2 If you use the Master Lock as a remote card reader set it to Silent Mode, so no one knows it’s location.

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