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Smart ways to improve sliding door security

Sliding glass doors are stunning additions to any house, but they come with some risks. They present a safety issue since they can be challenging to secure, making it difficult to keep both intruders and small children inside. Without sacrificing beauty, we've discovered the quickest and best solutions to secure your doors.

There are lots of ways to strengthen the security of your sliding glass door or lock the sliding glass door and make it more inaccessible to prevent any intrusion from happening. Rest assured that you don’t need to panic when it comes to the safety of your house just as you should never be worried to safely manage and secure your assets, daily usage stuff, etc. We here at Gage Safe Products which was founded for personal, family, and home protection      We specialize in RFID cabinet locks.

Install a lock on the sliding glass door

Using a lock for sliding glass doors is the best approach to add security and safeguard your sliding door. These locks are put in place where your door's stationary glass and sliding glass door meet at the top. Only adults or children who are tall enough can unlock these locks, which function in addition to the door locks. They prevent every other person from subjugating or rather sabotaging your space.  An RFID lock that also has Bluetooth can now secure your home from the outside as well as the inside of the home.  You can provide the kids or the sitter with the Bluetooth app, on their phone and they have the ability to unlock the door and enter the home when you are not home to greet them.  Now your family does not need to carry around a key to the sliding door.  

Install Sensors and Alarms

Nothing distracts robbers more than an alarm ringing in their ears, which is sometimes the most effective approach to halt unwelcome visitors. If you install door sensors, they can detect attempts to force open or break the sliding door and raise an alert. For optimal security and to catch the offender on camera, you can also install extra home security cameras.

Close the Curtains and Blinds

To further discourage robbers, close your blinds or curtains before you leave the house. With a clear view of your living room, a burglar may simply scope out your house and spot any items they can take. The burglar won't be able to see your assets if the view is blocked, which will make him reconsider making the effort to break in.

Select Superior Glass

When choosing the appropriate glass for your sliding door, you'll find that there are noticeable distinctions between the types that are offered on the market. For instance, tempered glass, which is typical in many homes, may shatter into little shards upon impact.

Comparatively, laminated glass has several layers and is still in place after damage. That implies that even if someone tries to break in or hits it, it won't hurt and fall out of the frame.

Therefore, the likelihood of an amateur breaking into your home is decreased because the potential burglar will need special tools. Good work!

Regularly Maintain Sliding Doors

The majority of sliding doors include plastic rollers that make sliding them easy. However, with time, collected dust and debris might harm these items. As a result, you may eventually discover that opening and closing the door is difficult.

In addition, the broken rollers make it simpler for the thief to push the door off its track and get past the lock. Clean the rollers and tracks often to avoid this from occurring.

Try adjusting the rollers' size if you're still having issues with the door's operation. Fortunately, modern sliding doors come with adjustment holes that let you change the roller size using a screwdriver.


The sliding glass doors, despite their numerous advantages, endanger the safety and security of your house if you are not careful. The intruder has three options: break it, get past the latch, or just lift the door off its hinges.

Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do, like hang the blackout curtains or completely replace the door, to lessen that threat. Choose the security solutions that work best for you and your budget to safeguard your house over time.

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