VISM backpack with ballistic panel

Ballistic Backpacks

It has been a little while but we have been busy introducing some new products in the Gage Safe Products family.  

We have rolled out two new products from NcStar/ VISM.  The first is a simple Day Pack backpack that is a good general use pack.  Included with this pack is a soft ballistic panel rated IIIA. 

The second backpack that we now have is the GuardianPack 3003 ballistic backpack.  This pack is a totally functional backpack like most any high quality pack with one big difference.  The GuardianPack has a built in ballistic panel in the back of the pack and a quick deployment panel to go in the front of the wearer.  This is designed to protect you front and back from any pistol round while you exit a dangerous situation.  If needed or just wanted the rear panel can be replaced with a III level panel to protect against rifle round.  

You have fire insurance on your home and collision insurance on your new car.  These backpacks are functional insurance for your loved ones or yourself.  

More to come:



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