KR-S80E cabinet lock

KR-S80E Fingerprint plus RFID cabinet lock.

The KR-S80E Fingerprint plus remote RFID cabinet lock is the latest lock that we have added to our collection of problem solving locks.

Looking to add multiple levels of access security.  The E model lock set will allow a single user access using a fingerprint, RFID card or an access code.  

If you need higher security you can set the lock to require two forms of ID.  Maybe two finger prints or an access code plus a finger print or even two cards.  You can select what combination you need and want.

The remote reader doubles as your door handle. You will love this lock reader for how robust the handle design is.

You can install your lock into metal or nonmetallic cabinets to give you a locked and secure door or drawer that you control who has access.

If you need a custom length cable between the reader and the lock just email me with your needs.


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