4 Best RFID Door Locks for Home or Commercial Usage

4 Best RFID Door Locks for Home or Commercial Usage

Ensuring higher security and efficiency in application to home and business owners, RFID use radio frequency identification to provide controlled access to buildings, rooms and objects. These are smart locks that when installed in homes and offices bring in maximum safety and convenience in asset management and tracking of your possession. RFID tags, antennas, readers, transceivers, etc., coordinate to work as a complete system. The RFID door lock access control system keeps the user's credentials(usually a keycard or a fob with an RFID chip) containing unique identification information called a tag. 

Why have we seen a surge in the RFID door locks access control systems in recent times?

Bringing in the ease of usage proving a hub of reliable and consistent experience with trackable data, RFID locking systems are contactless, meaning that the credential doesn’t have to touch the reader for it to work. There are many reasons why RFID doors make a lot of sense, using them is quite easy, the quality is always amongst the very best and you don’t have to overthink or stay anxious about any security issues in the long term. Being automatic, these smart locks adapt to the needs of your commercial purposes and fit incredibly well with residential purposes too. In this article, we are going to illustrate some of the best RFID door locks for home or commercial usage that prove worth your time and effort!

1)KR-S80E RFID Fingerprint / Card and Code RFID Cabinet Lock

RFID door lock

These RFID-based door locks are fingerprint recognition remote reader cabinet locks. Looking forward to adding multiple levels of security? The automatic cabinet lock system allows a single user access using a fingerprint RFID card. With an access code plus, two fingerprints or even two cards, you can select what combination you want. Unlike any other forms of traditional access control such as swipe cards, the RFID door lock system is contactless. Installed into metallic or non-metallic cabinets, these provide you with a locked and secured door.

2)KR-S80-E111PF-BT Numeric/Fingerprint Reader + Bluetooth RFID Cabinet Lock

fingerprint cabinet lock

The KR-S80-E111PF-BT lock set will allow you to access your locked cabinet using your fingerprint, numeric code, or your phone. The RFID cabinet lock access control system gets the user’s credentials tracked as a unique identification called a tag. The reader’s signal locates the information stored on the user’s RFID tag and sends it through antennas and transceivers to authorize the tag. The fact of the matter is that here perhaps you are looking to add security without an RFID Card or an entry code. 

3)KR-S80A gen2 RFID Cabinet Lock

RFID door lock

The perfect home defence weapon to keep your family protected all time! The RFID-based door lock system keeps anything from a Kitchen Cabinet to Grandma’s old doll display case and can also be used on sliding doors using an Optional Locking Pin. Pop open or close the door whenever you want when you pass your card over the KRS-80 Cabinet Lock Area. Designed with utmost safety, it allows you access to either onboard batteries or remote connect the power. 

4)KR-S80A-BT RFID + Bluetooth Cabinet Lock

Unlock and lock your belongings easily using your phone or an RFID card. Now, when using the KR-S80A-BT RFID + Bluetooth cabinet lock, you get the best of both worlds. An RFID Carr or just pushing the Unlock button on your phone, your possessions to be tracked easily from the comfort of where you are. With the ability to be installed in any non-metallic cabinet, your doors or cabinets can only be opened using pre-configured cards or your phone. 

Go for the ultimate safety

With the tags replacing the lock and the key as a more secure option, the use of encrypted IDs for an individual entre made to the access control. Any unique identification tag is hard to duplicate and you can only access using credentials. The key forbs and key cards are powered by the RFID technology using electromagnetic fields to enable communication between two devices: tags and readers. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, a contactless one-way communication method at varying distances. The best bet is to stay in your comfort zone and still keep your stuff secured at home. 

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