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Ballistic Backpack, Bulletproof Backpack, New product, Store news -

It has been a little while but we have been busy introducing some new products in the Gage Safe Products family.   We have rolled out two new products from NcStar/ VISM.  The first is a simple Day Pack backpack that is a good general use pack.  Included with this pack is a soft ballistic panel rated IIIA.  The second backpack that we now have is the GuardianPack 3003 Ballistic backpack.  This pack is a totally functional backpack like most any high quality pack with one big difference.  The GuardianPack has a built in ballistic panel in the back of the...

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KR-S80-E Fingerprint RFID cabinet lock., New product, Store news -

The KR-S80-E Fingerprint + remote RFID cabinet lock is the latest lock that we have added to our collection of problem solving locks. Looking to add multiple levels of access security.  The E model lock set will allow a single user access using a fingerprint, RFID card or an access code.   If you need higher security you can set the lock to require two forms of ID.  Maybe two finger prints or an access code plus a finger print or even two cards.  You can select what combination you need and want. The remote reader doubles as your door handle. You...

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KR-S80-F product release, New product, Store news -

If you are looking for an RFID cabinet lock that has a remote sensor that is all but invisible we have the lock you have been looking for. The KR-S80F remote sensor RFID cabinet lock can be used in a metal or wood cabinet.  Due to the remote sensor the cabinet material does not make a difference.  A 1 inch hole allows you to flush mount the sensor and then you can paint of stain it so it blends into the back ground.  Contact us if you need a custom cable for the remote sensor or if you just have...

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